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Ginger Sparks, Koko Kitten – Wayward Wives – Northernspanking

When Ginger and Koko arrive home after a girls night out, they are met by two angry husbands. The girls were supposed to call and get picked up but instead decided to walk home through a dangerous neighborhood. Ginger knows very well what happens to her when she is disobedient and careless with her own safety, she gets a trip across Paul’s lap. And that is exactly what happens, right there in front of her best friend and her husband, James. Not satisfied that his wayward wife has learned her lesson from a spanking, Paul takes his belt off to give Ginger a well-deserved leathering. Having seen the effectiveness of this method of domestic discipline, James decides that Koko too should feel his hand on her bottom and she, too, gets a spanking. All in all a painful and embarrassing end to the evening for both girls. Perhaps they will be less careless in future? We can be sure that BOTH girls will be able to compare notes on their punishments in future!

Ginger Sparks, James Johnson, Koko Kitten, Paul Kennedy

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