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i cant take any more spr-2161 Spankingsarah

Once again we welcome another first time spankee to our collection of very naughty girls. Amelie is home from college where she has been punished with a spanking. Now she has to face up to punishment at home but she thinks it is all a joke, indeed she is laughing as she is told what the punishment will be and obviously does not take things very seriously. She will soon change her mind. Her guardian has a new spanking implement, made of solid wood and quite heavy for its size which she intends to put to use on Amelies bare bottom. Lifting her school skirt and kneeling on her bed she still does not understand just how painful this will be. When the first swat lands she quickly realises that this punishment will not be a joke. She has to endure a good heavy paddling, tears come to her eyes but still it goes on till the lesson is learnt and her bottom has a selection of bruises.

Amelie, Sarah Stern

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