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Team Before Self – Cheerleaderspankings

Coach Johnny Lake has called head cheerleader, Anastasia Rose, to his hotel room after hearing about her lewd behavior and he needs to see for himself what she has to say about her actions. Anastasia turns up the worse for wear after partying most of the night and witnesses reported her promiscuity to hotel staff which has tarnished the image of the school at The Nationals. He decides a short sharp shock punishment is in order and he wastes no time taking her over his lap on the bed for an embarrassing hard hand spanking that he knows she needs! Anastasia is in disbelief but can not argue about her filthy slutty behavior and so takes a bare bottom spanking which has her gasping before her bottom starts to turn red. Once Coach Lake believes her bottom is burning he places the naughty girl on all fours over the bed using a leather strap that he takes on his travels for just such “emergencies”. Anastasia learns a valuable lesson that she should behave and concentrate on the team before thinking about her own selfish pleasures. Team before self!

Anastasia Rose, Johnny Lake

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