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Naughty Ella Spanked and Diapered – Cheerleaderspankings

Nothing can be more embarrassing as a parent than to receive a call from the cheer coach to inform you that your precious princess has been kicked off the squad because she peed on the other girls from the top of the pyramid formation. The mental thought of that was bad enough so when Ella comes home as if nothing remarkable has happened that day at school, you can imagine how frustrating it must have been for mother to confront her about this abhorrent behavior! In no time at all, the nonchalant brat is taken over the maternal lap and spanked right there, still dressed in her cheer uniform. Ella’s bare buttocks are spanked hard with mom’s hand and a stiff leather paddle before she is told that her behavior has further consequences. Since she behaved like a baby, she’ll be treated as one and placed into diapers once more… Ella hides her face in shame as mommy powders her private bits before expertly taping her into a white, super crinkly medical diaper that is barely concealed under the uniform. A reminder to Ella to not pee in a public place and act like the grown-up she is supposed to be!

Ella Raine, Samantha Baker

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