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Liars Get Spankings part 1 – Mommaspankings

Anastasia stayed up way too late and now doesn’t want to go to school. She tries to fake being sick when she is called several times to rise and shine! Unfortunately for her… Mom always knows when she is lying. The best way to see if her silly girl is really going to take this as far as she can is to take her temperature the embarrassing way… with a rectal thermometer. She argues this is the best and most accurate way, taken inside her bottom, and Anastasia continues to claim she is not well. She endures the humiliating act of having to take the thermometer this way and Mom glares at her when she takes out the instrument and tells her it is all normal… no fever whatsoever! Now that her girl admits to lying, she can make sure that she is punished for this foolishness for wasting Mom’s time. When Anastasia is a naughty girl and lies she gets a hard, bare bottom hand spanking. So it is right over the maternal lap as she is spanked and scolded before the hairbrush is also used for the foolish lies told that morning. the hairbrush always stings and Anastasia squirms and squeals until her bottom reddens. She is one very sore and sorry girl who will now have to arrive at school late with an aching bottom to remind her that lies will always get her punished!

Anastasia Rose, Samantha Baker

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