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Lizzy and Natalya – Brutally Whipped for Going through Natalya’s Things – Brat Princess

Lizzy is obsessed with Natalya and she just can’t help but do creepy things like riffle through Natalya’s drawers. Lizzy especially loves to put on Natalya’s lipstick and brush her hair with her hairbrush without Natalya knowing. Natalya suspects that something’s off about Lizzy and one day catches her in the act of using her hairbrush. This makes Natalya very angry because Natalya is very possessive of her personal things. She drags Lizzy out into the living room and makes her strip out of her clothes. Lizzy is very humiliated but obliges because she knows that she was caught in the act. Natalya flogs the bare back of the terrified girl. Lizzy winces in pain as Natalya strikes her over and over. Natalya makes the disobedient girl crawl over to fetch a second whip. Lizzy presents Natalya with the longer whip with dread. Natalya beats the simpering girl and spits right in her face. Lizzy’s back gets welted and reddened from Natalya’s brutality. She cries out. Natalya demands the third whip. The third whip is very strict, and Lizzy really breaks down from it. She starts to curse. Natalya hates when her girl curses and tells her she’ll be getting her dirty mouth soaped next. Lizzy apologizes profusely, but the damage has already been done. Natalya slaps the miserable wretch in the face and hits her even harder before leading Lizzy into the bathroom for a mouth soaping.

Lizzy Lamb, Natalya

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