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Waiting at Home with the Belt – Film & BTS – Dreamsofspanking

David Oak’s (Dave Dodge) had a call from daughter Pandora Blake’s school, and he’s not happy. She’s not behaving like the young lady she supposedly is, so there’s only one thing for it: his belt!

Pandora’s been fighting, and her fancy private school has sent her home in disgrace – though not before seeing that she’s punished for her misdeeds. She’s flooded with nerves as she approaches her front door, dreading what she might find on the other side. Has the Headteacher called her father yet? How will he react? It takes all her courage just to head inside and find out.

Mr. Oak, for his part, has had a very interesting conversation with the Headmistress – and he’s ready and waiting for his errant daughter as she arrives. This is a lesson he only wants to teach once, so he’d best make sure it sticks.

What follows is the thrashing of Pandora’s life with her father’s leather belt. She’s bent over the edge of the bed while still in her school uniform, frilly knee-socks and cotton knickers on show; he spanks her again and again, leaving a set of lurid red welts across her exposed bottom. By the time he’s finished she’s almost sobbing with contrition, left curled up on the bed with her punished backside and wet pussy on display.

Waiting at Home with the Belt – Behind The Scenes

Potentially sensitive scenes like this take a little negotiation, so our backstage extra for the week gives us a lovely little window into how Pandora and David established boundaries and figured out what worked for them both. We also get another good long look at Pandora’s beautifully reddened bum! There’s some interesting conversation toward the end about the nature of fetish fantasies, too – I wonder what Pandora’s inner violent daddy dom is like…

Dave Dodge, Pandora Blake

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