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Petite Submissive Rough Fuck Facefuck TS – Sophie Ladder

Hazel Paige begins bent over my knees, wearing a pink dress and pink collar, awaiting my spanks. I slap her ass, starting slow and warming her up. Hazel’s ass gets more and more pink as I spank her. I decided that all the sounds she’s making are annoying me, so I put a ball gag on her. I continue spanking Hazel’s ass as she moans through the ballgag. I begin to span her harder and harder, with her whole ass pink now. I take the gag out and shove my fingers down her throat, slap her pussy, and slap her tits. I lead Hazel by the leash to my hard cock and have her suck on it, gagging on my dick deep in her throat. I fuck her face and Hazel gags and gets spit all over my cock. Then I drag Hazel to the edge of the bed to fuck her face and throat. Hazel gags repeatedly as I shove my dick down her throat, her face getting messy with spit. Finally I give Hazel what she wants, my dick filling up her tight little pussy. We fuck as I slap her around, pull the leash, and hold her by the throat. I take out my dick to shove down her throat, then get back to fucking her hard. After more poundings I drag her over to the edge and start facefucking her again, and then pull her back onto the bed to gag on my dick some more. Next we move into doggystyle and I pound tiny Hazel from behind, pulling on the leash and then holding her with both hands around her throat. Then Hazel sucks my dick some more, showing me what a good cock-loving slut she is. After fucking her face I lay Hazel on her back to roughly pound her some more. Hazel moans in pleasure as I fuck her hard, bouncing her small frame up and down on my dick. I’ve used her holes enough to satisfy myself, so I have her suck on my dick for one last minute before I finish myself off and cum all over her face. Hazel is such a good slut she licks my cum off the bedspread too.

Hazel Paige, Sophie Ladder

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