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Rachel Adams – The Progressive Punishment Program 3 – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Rachel Adams is certainly a beautiful woman and she regularly outperformed other employees in her office. As the member of a team in a small business, her role was vital and every single client that she encountered was important to the success of the enterprise. When Rachel was focused and determined the company would flourish, however if she began to lose interest in her job the profit margins almost always suffered.

Recently, Rachel let her personal life distract her while at work. She began not listening to customers and sometimes she’d just simply hang up on them. Word would quickly get back to her boss and Rachel began to make excuses even though she knew that her mistakes were costing the company money! Rachel’s boss had spanked her a couple of times before when there were problems, however he was ready to fire her on the spot for her very poor behavior. She knew that her job was on the line, so reluctantly the beautiful secretary suggested that she be put on The Progressive Punishment Program. At first her boss refused to even consider that option, however he would recall Rachel’s previous dedication and hard work, so he relented and offered her one last chance.

Rachel would be placed over the knee for a long spanking from the stern hand of her boss, followed by some hairbrush discipline! She was spanked over her skirt, on her pantyhose covered bottom, in panties, and finally on her bouncing bare cheeks. Rachel had never been spanked on the bare by her boss, it was evident that he was serious about the importance of the situation. As the punishment progressed Rachel would be bent over her desk for a memorable spanking with the belt, a leather paddle, and a wooden paddle with holes as well! The repentant employee would end up a teary and snotty mess from all of those strap strokes and the swats from both paddles, though her job was saved for the moment. Unfortunately for Rachel, she would end up on The Progressive Punishment Program for more than three months, having her bare behind tanned until tears each and every time.

Rachel Adams

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