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Sadistic Step-Sister Impact Play – Carnal Productions

Princess Aurora’s sweet little step-sister Mila is going to be subjected to her cruel games today. Mila adores her princess and has previously shown she is willing to do anything, as she is so desperate for Princess Aurora’s approval.

Princess Aurora dresses Mila in a pink, floral lingerie set and puts her in an equally pink bondage gear. Princess Aurora strips Mila down and humiliates her, laughs in her face and watches her beg for her affection.

Mila is going to please Princess Aurora today. It’s all about her Princess.

While tied up, with her legs spread by a spreader bar, making Mila exposed, Princess Aurora begins teasing Mila and makes her worship her feet. Quickly after, corporal punishment is incorporated and Mila has to take Princess Aurora’s bare hands for a bottom spanking, the flogger, a thick wooden paddle, a riding crop.

Mila’s perky, pale bottom turns bright red with each smack. While you can hear her moan and cries, as time passes, a wet spot starts becoming incredibly visible on her panties.

Mila Grant, Princess Aurora

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