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Sassy Personal Assistant – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

Robert’s life has been hectic with ongoing renovations at home and now in his office. The place is a mess and he has a Personal Assistant to help him run things more efficiently, or so he had hoped. Joelle was a beautiful young lady that he showed off at party events, giving his small company an image of credibility but behind the scenes it was a different story. The latest fiasco involves a missing Fax for an important contract, and his patience has been fully stretched this time. Joelle clearly hasn’t sent the document and doesn’t seem to care how important this was so Robert decides to take her over his knee to show just how much this contract actually means to him! He spanks the sassy brat over her tight black dress but she still doesn’t understand what she’s done so he takes it a step further. Spanking her over her panties starts to have the desired effect, she still refuses to show any true remorse so the ruler she had with her is used across her tight bare bottom, panties down, and now this gets her attention. Joelle struggles and squirms across his lap, hating the feeling of being helpless and ashamed as the ruler and his hard hand deliver smack after stinging smack across her reddened bottom. Now Joelle understands what she has done wrong and Robert sends her off to do the job properly!

Joelle Barros, Robert Shore

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