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Sleepover Spanking – Highland Manor House

Bella was sent home from a sleepover with her friend Susie, by her step-mother, for bad behaviour. Bella’s behaviour was so bad that Susie’s step-mother had to even spank her.

Scarlet is furious, Bella has embarrassed her by her rude behaviour. When Scarlet asks Bella about Susie’s step-mother spanking her, Bella cheekily states that “It wasn’t that hard”.

Scarlet instructs Bella to remove her skirt and, taking her wrist, pulls her over her knee on the chair. Bella gets a long and hard spanking with Scarlet scolding her.

Scarlet lowers Bella’s white cotton panties, so that they are stretched between her legs, and continues to spank her bare bottom.

When Bella starts to wriggle and kick her legs, Scarlet leg locks her, with her long stocking clad legs.

When finished spanking, Bella is told to stand and lean against the end on the bed, with her bottom out. Scarlet opens a drawer and takes out the dreaded leather strap.

“This is going to hurt, Bella. But, it has to.” Scarlet inform Bella, before she straps her bottom.

Scarlet finishes with another painful spanking on Bella’s strapped bottom and then leaves her, sniffling, to get ready for bed.

Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet

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