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Staying over

Staying over

Amy and Sammie had to come over to be spanked because they had
misbehaved again.

Sammie had missed her train and I had to wait an hour for her

Amy opened RLS on her boyfriend’s business laptop and his boss at
work saw that so she will be punished.

I gave them both a sound OTK leather paddling but then, when I was
going to take them back to the station, the weather had turned and
it was unsafe to drive so I told them they could spend the night

I got them pyjamas and douvets and they spent the night on our
couch we are renovating upstairs

At 7 the next morning I was rudely awakened by the sound of girls
playing and spanking each other.

I dashed downstairs and put both of them across my knee for a good spanking

Then I gave them both a sound bare bottom strapping and I finished off with
a hard wooden paddle

I don’t do mornings!

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