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Summer Of Swats – Universal Spanking and Punishments

“Summer of Swats” is the follow up to “College Girl Strapped” and Stars the bratty and beautiful Lilly Calloway. Previously, Lilly was caught in a scandal where several college girls formed a group that was attempting to seduce each and every professor at their college. Now we see what happened when the girl was caught trying to sneak out while she was staying at home for the summer!

Lilly’s step dad had already been embarrassed when she was exposed in the college scandal and she promised to do better while she lived at home for those few months. However, you can imagine his surprise when he saw Lilly in a tight red dress as she tried to quietly sneak out of their home for a night on the town. The concerned and angered man chased her into his bedroom and Lilly knew what was coming. She assumed the position and pleaded her case, but Mr. Calloway wasn’t accepting any excuses.

There was no warm up, he began the spanking over Lilly’s panties with a very stiff leather paddle! She seemed shocked that another spanking was being applied to her bottom, but the girl had to know what would happen if she was caught sneaking out, or perhaps she really was just a bimbo? Her round bottom was soon bared for more with that paddle and a hand spanking too, however the naughty blonde would really find herself in a compromising position when her old man began giving her swats with a wooden paddle that had holes! She hated the sting of the paddle and the humiliation of being spanked on the bare in front of him, however that’s the way it would go for Lilly all summer long!

Lilly Calloway

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