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How To Survive Hazing – Spankedanddiapered

Lilly Calloway is a beautiful, popular sorority girl. Her little sister, Lola, is just getting to be college-aged herself, and she’s always looked up to Lilly. She’s excited when her big sister takes her on a trip to visit the campus of her University, and she definitely wants to join her sister’s house, but she’s a little intimidated by the pledging process. Fortunately, big sister is here to explain how it works. As she tells stories of her pledging experiences, Lola’s eyes grow wider. She’s not sure if she’s up for this, but she definitely wants to follow Lilly’s footsteps… Lilly senses Lola’s hesitation, and she decides that the best thing for her to do is to prepare her little sister for the hazing to come. She can’t have her embarrassing her by wimping out, after all! So. she takes Lola over her knee for a spanking, all the while telling her about what kind of treatment to expect when she’s a pledge. When Lola’s bottom is red and sore, Lilly explains that the pledges are the babies of the house and that they have to be treated appropriately. This involves laying her back, baby wiping her princess parts, giving her plenty of powder, and then taping her into a bright pink diaper. Lola is so embarrassed, but it gets even worse when her sister makes her wear a bib! She tells her a few more stories about what to expect and makes her PROMISE not to let her down. Lola agrees that she’ll do whatever it takes to join her sister’s sorority: even being babied by the older girls like this!

Lilly Calloway, Lola Belle

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