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Amelia and Caroline are two of the best students at Miss Blake’s Riding Academy. Amelia is the best racer, while Caroline is the best handler. Caroline’s brother, however, is convinced his sister can win her upcoming race against Amelia and bets everything he has left, hoping that his winnings will be enough to cover his other gambling debts. Caroline knows she can’t beat Amelia, but Amelia has a kind heart and offers to come second and let Caroline win. They fool the race officials, but they can’t fool Miss Blake.

She knows Amelia could have, and should have, won the race and demands the girls explain themselves. At first they deny everything, but when Miss Blake asks if they fixed the race because they were betting on the results, the girls finally break down and tell all.

Miss Blake listens patiently while they both tearfully confess their role in fixing the race, and while she understands their reasons, they still have to be punished. She agrees not to expel the girls and tell the race authorities, but only if they’ll submit to a harsh spanking. The two crying girls hold each other’s hands, tearfully comforting each other and trying to be brave as they each receive a harsh whipping from Miss Blake’s riding crop, first over their tight jodhpurs and then on their bare bottoms.

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey, Pandora Blake


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