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The Governess – Kelly Payne Collection

This young lady thinks its ok to disobey the rules. After being warned about cutting class the Governess gets a letter stating Anna is going to be expelled. As she goes to her room to confront her she finds Anna is bed having sex with a strange boy, which is against the rules. She knows this but doesn’t seem to care. In fact she thinks its funny. That’s when the Governess losses her cool and decides she is going to teach this young lady a good long lesson on how to behave & what will happen if she continues being perspicuous.

First she is spanked over the knee good and hard then she is given a rectal temperature taking & she gets a good fingering to her bottom. Then she is straddled on spanking horse and strapped with numerous implements. After that the Governess decides she needs to show this lady really what will happen to that bottom. So she takes out an array of sex toys which she proceeds to fuck her bottom with. By the time the Governess is done with her she is not only apologetic but humbled.

Anastasia St. Claire, Kelly Payne

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