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The Pleasure Poison 3 – Galas Looner

Catwoman wears leotard and sheer to waist pantyhose

Supergirl wears red cape and skirt over blue leotard over shiny nude/tan sheer to waist tights with boots

We see supergirl has tracked down catwoman and has her captured with her hands tied behind her back sitting in a chair with a container (box/bag/briefcase) on the ground by her feet

Supergirl paces (slowly and seductively) as she scolds catwoman (with a seductive tone almost as if to tease her/arouse her)

Supergirl says that she came to take catwomans pleasure poison and reminds catwoman of all the humiliation catwoman put her through, the spanking, the belt, the wedgies, the choking, and even how catwoman made supergirl call her step-daddy

Catwoman teasingly says that she remebers very well, then angrily says that she also remembers supergirl giving her a similar treatment and says that if she were free she would remind supergirl who her step-daddy is

Supergirl sensually runs her hands up her thighs while rocking her hips slowly, her skirt pulling up with her hands until they reach her waist and she lets it fall back down as she says “ooooo I’m shaking in my tights” while Catwoman smiles mischievously

Supergirl walks behind catwoman and says “I’m sure you would, good thing you’re tied up nice and tight”

Supergirl then gives the rope tying catwomans hands a slight tug, undoing the knot freeing catwoman and seductively says “oops” then walks back from behind catwoman and bends over placing her hands on the arm of the couch showing off her ass (picture 2 for examples) and says “I hope that isn’t the pleasure poison in there” (referring to the container)

Catwoman is pleasantly surprised by the turn of events and immediately assumes her dominant role, she opens the container and pulls out the pleasure poison and the same green rock/crystal from the last video

She puts the pleasure poison on the crystal (pretends to pour or spray) as she walks to supergirl and holds the crystal up to supergirls mouth

Supergirl smiles mischievously and says a fake “no please don’t” just before catwoman grabs her by the hair and puts the Crystal in her mouth stroking it gently back and forth in her mouth then takes it out and sets the crystal down

She walks back behind supergirl and begins a firm slow paced sensual spanking

After a few minutes supergirl cums from the spanking, then she moves supergirl onto the couch laying over her knees (picture 3 for examples) and then removes supergirls skirt to continue her punishment until making her cum again

Through the spanking catwoman humiliates supergirl verbally with teasing for being her spanking bitch and enjoying it, making supergirl refer to her as step-daddy and she humiliated her physically with groping/wedgies/hair grabbing/ choking, being very disrespectful and getting more and more aroused from her dominance over supergirl

Throughout the spanking supergirl presents a sexy target for catwoman, occasionally slowly rocking/wiggling her hips, she is sassy at first to get catwoman worked up but is more submissive as she gets more aroused, moaning and gasping with the spanks

After supergirl cums over catwomans knees she has supergirl kneel/on all fours on the floor in front of her and commands her to kiss catwomans thighs and starting close to the knee and continuing higher towards her pussy the scene fades out just as supergirl kisses all the way to her pussy and begins performing oral on catwoman as catwoman smiles an evil smile

Galas Looner

File Name : The Pleasure Poison 3.m4v
File Size : 367.18 MB
Resolution : 960×540
Duration : 00:13:07
Video : AVC, 3 779 kb/s, 29.970 (29970/1000) FPS
Audio : AAC, 126 kb/s (CBR), 44.1 kHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

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