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The spanking week

The spanking week

As you know the girls have to regularly report to me and Sammie didn’t do
so for a whole week!

She didn’t respond to my emails, phone calls, text messages, MSN messages etc.

When I went to visit her, her house was a total disaster. She hadn’t cleaned
it for a week.

As she kept me waiting for a whole week. and not cleaning for a week, I decided
to give her a spanking week. She came for the first time on Tuesday so there were
4 sessions till Friday

Every day she had to report at 14:00 sharp

The first day I gave her a sound hand spanking followed by cornertime

On day 2 I gave her a sound strapping laying on and over our table
followed by more cornertime

On day 3 I made her change into a French maids uniform and she had
to clean the entire office. She got 3 leather paddlings that day

On day 4 I gave her a sound hairbrush spanking followed a a few
strokes of the cane and the last cornertime

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