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When it Rains, It Pours! – Universal Spanking and Punishments

In “The Reed Family Spankings part 1: Bedtime Stories”, Mackenzie Reed made a mistake and had to pay for it with bare behind. Well, Mackenzie has messed up again, and this time she screwed up big time! Mackenzie made the mistake of bullying her own little step-sister at school with some friend’s, tossing water on the poor girl and then laughing about it. We catch up with the story after Mackenzie arrives home and she’s taking a shower. Sure enough, when her Step-Dad hears about the situation he calls Mackenzie out for a discussion right then and there, even though she’s wet and fully naked! It makes no difference really that she’s exposed, Mackenzie would have been spanked naked anyways for this type of offense!

Mackenzie is made to grab her ankles, making her rear end an easy target, and the bare bottom spanking begins. Mackenzie is ashamed and repentant right from the start, but it makes no difference, her Step-Father is furious and none too pleased with Mackenzie’s actions! He lays in smack after smack to her beautiful rump, only taking a break to grab a strap. The strap strokes really sizzle Mackenzie’s butt, and the pain intensifies even more when her Step-Dad dumps water all over her backside. This causes the strap to bring about an intense sting that Mackenzie will remember the next time she even thinks about bullying!

Mackenzie’s Step-Father knew that water poured on a behind would make it hurt worse during a spanking punishment, so he further wet her bottom throughout her ordeal, assuring himself that every single lick would be terribly painful. A thick three fingered strap is used next, it’s heavy and digs in deep, perfect for punishing a wayward girl. Finally, Mackenzie is made to grab her knees and stick her bottom right out, a hot position for a spanking, but an unfortunate position for her to be in. The swats burn and make Mackenzie cry out, giving us a sign that she’s really learning from the swats. From what we’ve seen, Mackenzie has made some mistakes as of recent, let’s hope that her actions are a reflection of a well behaved girl in the upcoming days, because it’s clear that her step-father is a firm believer in corporal punishment!

Mackenzie Reed

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