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Housemother Disciplines Lazy Georgina – Highland Manor House

This film is part of a series of customs we have produced for Highland Manor House.

Georgina is setting the breakfast table for the Housemother, however it was rushed due to Georgina getting out of bed late, and she had made several mistakes, with her appearance as well as with the presentation.

Georgina waits for her Housemother to arrive and take her place at the table, before she pours her morning tea.

Housemother begins to notice Georgina’s mistakes and is very disappointed with Georgina’s laziness. She decides she needs to be disciplined immediately, and she will receive a hard hand spanking over her knee, followed by a spanking with the Maison and Pearson hairbrush while in the leg lock position.

Georginas bottom is soon red and sore, and she is crying and shrieking. This is a very effective method of getting her to behave.

Once Housemother has finished with Georgina, she instructs her to stand by the window, knickers down at her ankles, on full humiliating display to anyone that may walk past, while Housemother sits and finishes her tea.

Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet

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